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Valona's popular five-pointed Tree topper star is made of Finnish, sustainably sourced birch plywood. The firm wood material guarantees its durable yet light construction: the star does not push down on a Christmas tree top the slighest. It is also very simple to put into place. The classic design of the Tree topper is three-dimensional and thus looks the same from all directions. In addition to crowning a Christmas tree, the elegant Tree topper also stands up beautifully as a table decoration. The light shade of birch brings charming naturalness to the Christmas decor.

The large Tree topper is assembled from two pieces that are threaded through each other and then fastened together with a simple locking mechanism. The star is thus very easy to disassemble after use back into its storage box to wait for next Christmas. The package is a beautiful box that can also be sent as a gift as such.

There are two sizes of Tree toppers. This larger one is suitable for trees over 120 cm in height. The Small Tree topper is suitable for table trees or trees below 120 cm in height.

The Tree topper design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.

Product information

Package weight 97 g
Package dimensions 185 × 200 × 22 mm

Star height (cm)

Height with foot (cm)

Product width (cm)

Product weight (g)

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Care instructions

  • Wood is a natural material that may react to significant changes in humidity. If the wooden parts get bent, you can straighten them back with the following instructions:
  • The bent part is dampened throughout with water.
  • The part is then placed to dry between two cardboard pieces or kitchen towels under a weight.
  • The warm floor of a bathroom or other warm space suits well for drying.
  • The wood withstands straightening if necessary.
  • A slight darkening of the colour is a beautiful, natural feature of wood. However, if you feel that your wood-coloured decoration has darkened too much over the years, you can carefully bleach the wooden part with a soda mixture.
  • Add a few teaspoons of baking soda to a small amount of water until a thick paste is formed.
  • Carefully rub the wooden part with a toothbrush, for example.
  • Rinse and pat dry.
  • Birch withstands careful moistening well.

Usage tips

The large Tree topper is suitable for larger trees of over 120 cm in height. The star is simple to put in place at the top of a spruce. It looks particularly beautiful if the downward-pointing tips of the star extend past the topmost branches of the tree. If the crown of the spruce is unnecessarily long, it is easy to trim it just with scissors.

The Tree topper also beautifully suits Advent and Independence Day decor, along with the small Tree topper and other star decorations. For example, conifers or other evergreen branches and candles can make a beautiful star arrangement. Once Christmas draws to a close, the Tree topper can be moved to the top of the Christmas tree.

Assembly instructions

Visual assembly instructions can be found in the package. The Tree topper is easy to assemble and disassemble into a flat shape for storage. Its package also acts as a handy storage box.

Other products

Tree toppers come in two sizes. This larger one is suitable for a bigger trees over 120 cm in height. The small Tree topper is suitable for table trees and smaller trees under 120 cm in height.

Also Valona's other star decorations naturally pair well with the tree toppers.

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