Himmeli XL


Black, 31 cm


Valona Himmeli is made of Finnish Birch. It respects the traditional designs but is assemblable and disassemblable. It is also considerably more durable than its origins, even though both are made of natural materials. Himmeli works well also as a air plant support. Himmeli is packed into a handy package that functions as a storaging box and in which you can use to send Himmeli as a gift. The package also includes the thread for hanging. Himmelis are designed by Elina Mäntylä. Himmeli is available in wood and black. You can find all our Himmeli models with the search function.

Himmelis aka straw crowns have been part of the Finnish folklore much before the Christmas tree. The light and delicate ornament made of straws has spun around with air flow over the livingroom table from Christmas to Midsummer.

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