Business gifts

Are you looking for ecological, beaufiful gifts made of Finnish wood which you can use to delight your customers, partners or guests? Our products have been designed to be Finnish gifts you can easily mail or slip into your suitcase and give out globally.

We manufacture our products from Finnish birch. The design is finished all the way to the package. Our goal is to make the gift recipients feel themselves valuable and important.

You can find more pictures of our products from our web store. Product catalogues you can find below:

Valona catalogue_CLASSICS
Valona catalogue_ NEW DESIGN

We desing and manufacture also tailored solutions as business gifts. We can, for example, imprint your company greetings with the package. We can also handle the shipping to the recipients.

Please be in touch with us:
tel: +358(0)440605252

Birch crystal decorations
can be mailed as post cards with 1st class
stamp. In addition to the pictured heart,
models include also e.g. star, diamond,
crystal and Easter egg.

Christmas tree topper in cardboard box with a pine cone on top

Wooden tree topper travels
in a flat package.
We use the same method to pack
birch himmelis and three star sets.

Three-dimensional jewellery
has been packed into beautiful boxes.
If you prefer, we can also pack
our other jewellery into boxes.