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Angels bring comfort, peace and light. When words are not enough, these Large angel wings for a candle are a beautiful way to remember a loved one. The wings are suitable for both condolences and conveying joy, for example as a christening gift. They also suit seasonal Christmas decoration. The wings create peace around them even when the candle is not lit. Angel wings are Valona's classic decoration and still a well-loved product.

The angel wings are handmade in Finland. The materials are silver metal wire and high-quality glass beads. The wings have a spike with which they are lightly pressed into the candle. The Large angel wings are suitable for long crown candles. The wings are packed in a flat package, where they are easy and convenient to send by letter, for example as a gift.

The angel wing design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.

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Package weight 12 g
Package dimensions 160 × 120 × 5 mm

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